For me it has been a bit of an off and on relationship with the world of blogging. I really enjoy writing, but find it hard to think of things that I want to share with the world! Jack has an excellent blog, full of journalistic content presented in a minimalist style. His writing is the first thing I check for when using Google Reader. One of his posts eventually led me to a really minimal blog which stuck out for it's elegant layout, intelligent navigation and a complete absence of crud.

Full credit must go to Jonas for releasing his WordPress theme to the world under a GPL license. I was using DasBlog which had more than a whiff of ASP.NET to it, but served a purpose when I had a DiscountASP.NET server account without any cheap SQL access. Now, with my pleasant 1 & 1 hosted server I've looked towards Django to provide coding pleasure and here is the result! The code is inspired by, but not lifted from Django Basic Apps and the templates and styling are heavily influenced by Jonas' html and css.

I realise that both those bits of work are released under different licenses which means I should distribute the derived code freely. If anyone is interested, then I would be happy to put together a Google Code project to share it, although I cannot vouch for the quality of the code!!

Anyway, I'm back!

P.S. As soon as Sophie gets back from holiday I should have a nice brand spanking new logo!