Been a while since I posted, so thought I'd share a link that I found to a site listing all of the films shown in the Moviedrome slot that used to be on Sunday evenings on BBC 2. The selection is an excellent one and I really enjoyed scanning through and remembering watching nearly all of them from 1988 to 1993. Not totally sure that the list is complete as I'm certain I recall Alex Cox introducing The Wages Of Fear too. It was an excellent format with a quick introduction giving the historical context and things to watch out for, and then the film was shown in its entirety without adverts (God bless the BBC).

The slot was scheduled on a Sunday evening and sometimes the films would run past midnight, but my mother, another film buff, was more than happy to let me stay up and watch the films with her, despite an imminent school day. A quick search yields some of these intros and I definitely intend to watch them before I watch any of the movies again. Bring back Alex Cox!